As the Awareness about climate change and Importance of Solar Energy is Spreading, We felt the need to develop Solar Thermal Engineering Solutions to SME’s especially Hotels.  Because Hotels are one of the most energy intensive buildings, hotels consume lot of energy. Second, Hot water is the basic necessity for any hotels, third and most important Existing Solar Thermal technology can both technically and economically meet Hotels Hot Water Needs.


Thus Solar Mane was established to provide , Best Solar Hot Water system and solutions to SME’ Hotels.

Vision:- Be Best Solar Hot Water Systems and Solutions Providers for Hotels

Mission:-  To Provide best Solar Hot Water Systems and Solutions through which  Hotels can save energy, money and pollution, resulting in building sustainable, eco-friendly and profitable Hotels.

Core Values:-  Core values of our company

  1. Save :- Save Energy, Save Money and Save from Pollution
  2. Servie:- Serve our clients to meet and exceed their expectations
  3. Engineer:-  Engineer Solar Thermal Solutions to meet varied and complex conditions
  4. Excellence:- Continuously improve Products, Process and Solutions.